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Best Formulations has successfully completed several quality audits to gain recognition for their high standards of quality. Best Formulations has a Drug Manufacturing License from the California State Health Department, Food and Drug Branch, is GMP Certified by both the NPA (Natural Products Association) and NSF.

For years the general public has been concerned about the safety and "truth in labeling" of dietary supplements. The News Media and other skeptics have unjustly damaged the sales of these products by reporting on "scare tactics" and rumors. Some of the latest reports even suggest that BSE (Mad Cow Disease) may be spread through the use of dietary supplements. People continue to report that dietary supplement manufacturing is and unregulated industry. That is untrue! The dietary supplement industry is, and always has been, regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

A spokesman for Best Formulations said, "In the past 30 years, I have served both the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and the dietary supplement industry. My experience has been that both industries are equally concerned for the quality of their products. In most cases, pharmaceutical plants are manufacturing many dietary supplements. They use the same procedures that are followed to produce drugs. Best Formulations has now joined the ranks with companies such as Lederle Labs, Eli Lilly, and Johnson and Johnson. We are a drug manufacturer that manufactures dietary supplements under the same strict compliance requirements for drugs."

"Our decision to obtain a drug license serves two purposes. One, to enable us to manufacture drug products and increase our customer base. And two, to ensure the public and our customers that product quality is our utmost concern."





In 1984, Best Formulations began as a product formulations laboratory and specialty ingredient supplier....
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Best Formulations is a NNFA GMP Certified Company. Click here for more information.